The Tourist season 2 Release Date: When it will be happen

The Tourist season 2 Release Date

The Tourist season 2 Release Date: Official confirmation has not been made regarding The Tourist season 2, but it is estimated that Season 2 can be seen till 2023. The news is also that the production of The Tourist Season 2 has been started, they are going to test our patience on this.

Clearly, we weren’t the only ones wanting more. In early 2022, the BBC revealed that The Tourist had delivered the biggest celebration ever to iPlayer, with 22 million streams on the service. This is a new record for the BBC.

In March, it was confirmed by the BBC’s chief content officer, Charlotte Moore, that there would be more adventures for us to delve into.

“In its first 30 days, 12 million people watched The Tourist — that’s twice as big as the biggest show on Netflix, Stay Close,” she said. “The power that the BBC has to reach millions of people is far greater than we anticipated.”

Hopefully, The Tourist Season 2 will return for a new six-hour episode. And Emmy-winning producers and screenwriters Harry and Jack Williams (who made Baptiste, The Missing and Liar) will also be back.

The Tourist season 2 Release Date: When it will be happen

We’d be quick to guess at some point in 2023 at the earliest.

The Tourist season 2 Release Date

The Tourist season 2 Spoiler

While plot details are yet to be confirmed, the Season 1 finale gave us some loose ends that could be tied up in Season 2.

When a man wakes up in the Australian outback with no memory, he must use some clues to find his identity before his past takes hold. outback hbo max chase holiday street 5 more

The Tourist season 2 cast

The BBC has officially announced that Tourist will be back for Season 2. We can’t wait!

  • Jamie Dornan as The Man
  • Danielle Macdonald as Helen Chambers
  • Shalom Brune-Franklin as Luci
  • lafur Darri lafsson as Billy
  • Danny Adcock as Ralph
  • Damon Herriman as Detective Inspector
  • Kamil Ellis as Sergeant Rodney Lammon
  • Damien Struthos as Marko
  • Greg Larsen as Ethan Krum
  • Victoria Haralabidou as Lena Pascal

These are the main cast and co-stars of Season 1, hopefully, they will be seen in Season 2.

Jamie Dornan previously told in an exclusive interview that while he originally planned for a one-off show, there was definitely a demand for a follow-up.

“I guess it’s a little bit open-ended with the end, people still have questions,” he said. “Obviously we had good plans for it, wanted it, but the response to it, as you know, has been insane and the number of people [who have] watched it, and the love for it is very real.

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